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We support the agents of change in communities

IMPULS Small Grant Program

Since 2018, 15 representatives of non-governmental organisations and public institutions from the Republic of Moldova have participated in the international training program aimed to prevent gender-based violence, launched by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

IMPULS is intended for the graduates of this program and encourages them to implement projects with national and/or local impact in order to prevent gender-based violence and ensure the efficient protection of the victims of this phenomenon.

The library – a community resource

In 2021, WLC launched a series of trainings dedicated to building community stakeholders that could provide support, information and counselling to women experiencing abuse. During the year, 45 librarians from all over the country deepened their knowledge about the complexity of the domestic violence phenomenon: forms of violence, protection tools available for victims to use, stereotypes fuelling domestic violence, perpetrator’s control tactics and victim’s survival strategies. The participants were involved in role play exercises and were able to see the reaction of the community to this problem, the difficulty faced by the victim and her children when a situation of violence happens. The principles of communication with the domestic violence victim were assimilated, an intervention plan of the librarian was developed and activities that will help to prevent domestic violence were identified.

The training was followed by a mini-grant competition, which helped the librarians to conduct awareness-raising campaigns at the local level.

Journalists on the domestic violence territory

Journalists have an important role to play in preventing and reducing domestic violence. Their most important artillery consists of well-documented articles on subjects of relevance for the society. WLC, in partnership with ICJ, for several years has been organising trainings for the representatives of media outlets that write about social issues. The training program has a mixed format and harnesses both the theoretical and practical parts.

The journalists reached the conclusion that the topic is extremely important and together with psychologists and lawyers they can help to diminish the phenomenon by writing well-documented texts, with empathy and by approaching the issue from multiple perspectives.