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Legal counselling - 080080000 (free call)

We provide support to the most disadvantaged social categories

WLC has enhanced access to justice, legal aid and psychological support for women in detention.

Since 2017, WLC professionals have been providing legal aid to women from Rusca Penitentiary on a range of legal issues related to domestic violence, child custody, divorce, preparing the case for representation in the court, preparing the needed file for release on parole, preparing the appeal.

Gradually, the provided services were diversified and in 2018 women were able to attend individual psychological counselling meetings, art therapy meetings and the reading club. The key achievements of the two programs were the shift in the thinking of women prisoners, their attitude towards each other and themselves.

We love it a lot, being here we talk about everything, about dreams, disappointments, fears, pain and how important it is to learn to forgive our own mistakes’

The support provided helped women overcome the multiple traumas, the overwhelming and prolonged sense of sadness or grief, the stigma of being a victim and a criminal at the same time. Women were provided support to understand and deal with memories that disrupt the person’s well-being, including thoughts and suicide attempts. Women were supported to overcome anxiety and depression caused by traumatic events.